Lower Energy = Lower Cost

The E-City is an electric bus designed to minimise running cost. It's new design weighs 30% less than comparible electric buses, so requires less energy to run. Combined with reliable components and materials, the E-City is optimised for total cost of ownership.

Designed for Operators

Established in the bus-operating industry, Zemtec understands the challenges faced by operators. The E-City is built with parts that we know to be reliable and comes with innovative features that help prevent damage and reduce downtime.

Easy Maintenance

  • Simple, well-laid construction
  • Wipe-clean surfaces
  • Modular body panels
  • Recharge 200 km of range in an hour
  • Smartphone diagnostic interface

Damage Prevention

  • 100% corrosion-resistant stainless steel structure
  • TailGUARD: Automatic Emergency Braking when reversing
  • WABCO OptiTire: Continuous tyre pressure monitoring
  • Reversing camera and camera rear-vision mirrors

Less Training Requirements

  • The E-City has two axles and weighs 18,000 kg fully laden, so drivers are only required to have a Class 2 license in New Zealand.
  • Uncluttered dashboard
  • Remote monitoring and alerts

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Length12,500 mm
Height3,050 mm
Width2,500 mm
Kerb Weight10,600 kg
Gross Laden Mass18,000 kg
Maximum Passengers82 (44 seated + 38 standing)